Systema (Taito) – Space Invaders

Systema (Taito) - Space Invaders

Systema (Taito) – Space Invaders


Systema (Taito) – Space Invaders, Late 1990’s

Condition: Good condition, Unboxed

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Handheld game was released by Systema. It was one of a series released by them. Between the late 1980’s and late 1990’s they released approx. 18. This one is a handheld version of the arcade hit, Space Invaders.
All the LCDs and sounds are working correctly. It measures approx. 17 cm long, 12cm wide and 8cm tall. The LCD screen is very colourful. The game is operated by a series of blue buttons. All the buttons operate freely and correctly. The back of Space Invaders is clean and unmarked. The battery compartment is intact, but the flap screw is missing. The battery terminals are spotless with no signs of battery leakage. It takes 2 x AAA batteries. There is a large, white panel on the back of the game. 



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