Professor Layton and the Lost Future (Sealed)

Professor Layton and the Lost Future

Professor Layton and the Lost Future (Sealed)


Nintendo DS Game, Professor Layton and the Lost Future

Condition: Boxed, Sealed

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Professor Layton and the Lost Future offers more puzzles than ever! Over 165 fiendish and flabbergastingly fun puzzles await the professor and Luke. There are lots of different types: maze puzzles, logic puzzles, picture puzzles and many more!

The puzzles are satisfyingly integrated into the story and so it feels like you’re really moving the case forward with each successful solution. You don’t have to solve every puzzle to complete the story – you can always come back to trickier ones later. Keep an eye out for a temperamental bee who will help you locate any puzzles you might have missed.

Everybody has a favourite type of puzzle and others they find more difficult. As you play through the game it’s wise to scour each location seeking out hidden hint coins with your stylus. If you’re stumped by a particular mindboggler, you can then use these to ease your path to the solution.

You can receive up to three gentle hints on each puzzle and, if you’re totally floored, use a Super Hint. A Super Hint is a very strong hint that should lead you quickly to the correct answer.

Each puzzle is worth a different number of picarats, depending on its difficulty. Each time you give a wrong answer, you lose some picarats. If you’re a puzzling perfectionist, why not go for a high score? The more picarats you finish the game with, the better the reward!

Can’t get enough of puzzling? Then make sure to download extra brainteasers via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection every week! These will be saved to your Puzzle Index , for you to take on at your leisure.

There are also extra-special puzzles for you to sink your teeth into. For example, if you’ve already played Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box, you might have found a secret code that will unlock a certain puzzle in this game…


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