Nintendogs: Labrador Retriever & Friends

Nintendogs: Labrador Retriever & Friends

Nintendogs: Labrador Retriever & Friends


Nintendo DS Game, Nintendogs: Labrador Retriever & Friends

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Put a puppy inside your Nintendo DS! Pick a dog from a wide range of the most popular breeds, then care for and train it using the Touch Screen and microphone. Pet the pup and play with more than 100 items like tennis balls, flying discs and even clothing accessories, and teach it to do tricks by creating your own personalised voice commands. Train your pups well and compete in obedience and agility trials. Win these competitions to earn cash, which you can use to buy supplies and even more dogs to keep your first puppy company. Walk puppies around the town to meet neighbourhood dogs or interact wirelessly with friends’ Nintendogs using the innovative Bark Mode, which senses another Nintendog nearby when your DS is in Sleep Mode.


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