Tomytronic 3D Handheld

Sky Attack (1983)

Tomytronic 3D Handheld


Tomytronic 3D Handheld – Sky Attack (1983)

Condition: Excellent condition, Boxed (Some Damage to Box), but no instructions


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The Tomytronic 3D is a series of portable, handheld gaming devices released by Tomy. The device featured a strap so the player would be able to wear it around the neck in-between playing. The Tomytronic simulated 3D by having two LCD panels that were lit by external light through a window on top of the device. Released in 1983, it was the first dedicated home video 3D hardware.

Seven games were released:

  • Skyfighters (AKA Dog Fight / Tandy Sky Duel)
  • Thundering Turbo (AKA Cosmos LeMans / Turbo Racer / Thundering Turbos)
  • Sky Attack (AKA Tank Attack)
  • Shark Attack (AKA Jaws 3D)
  • Planet Zeon (AKA Space Laser War / Space Attack)
  • Jungle Fighter
  • Sherman Attack



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