SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color – Stone Blue

SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color – Stone Blue


Neo Geo Pocket Color – SNK, Limited Edition Stone Blue

Condition: Boxed (Some fading and minor corner damage), Excellent -Please refer to images as these form part of the description.

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The Neo Geo Pocket Color is a 16-bit colour handheld game console developed and manufactured by SNK. It is a successor to SNK’s monochrome Neo Geo Pocket handheld which was released in 1998 in Japan, with the Color being fully backward compatible. The Neo Geo Pocket Color was released on March 19, 1999 in Japan, August 6, 1999 in North America, and October 1, 1999 in Europe, entering markets all dominated by Nintendo, competing with Nintendo’s Game Boy Color.

Despite its financial failure, the Neo Geo Pocket Color has been regarded as an influential system. Many highly acclaimed games were released for the system, such as SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium, King of Fighters R-2, and other quality arcade titles derived from SNK’s MVS and AES. It also featured an arcade-style microswitched ‘clicky stick’ joystick, which was praised for its accuracy and being well-suited for fighting games. The system’s display and 40-hour battery life were also well received.


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