Retro Toys and Games

Retro Toys & Games

The old retro toys you used to adore as a youngster evoke such warm memories. Even as an adult, there’s nothing quite like playing with antique toys like the chatter phone, a space hopper, or a basic Game Boy.

You might be shocked to realise that these vintage toys are still available to purchase online, so whether you want to purchase a toy for yourself or a gift for the kids in your life, it’s worth browsing to see what mementos of nostalgia you can find.

What to look for when purchasing retro toys

It’s vital to stay to a budget, especially if you’re bidding on a toy in an online auction, whether you’re wanting to develop a small collection of vintage toys as a hobby or you’re just shopping for a one-time purchase. Have a pricing range in mind and a maximum budget before you go shopping.

Additionally, you must confirm that the toy is in excellent condition. Make sure the quality is what you would expect when purchasing from an independent seller, especially if this is going to be a gift, as you don’t want to be paying for an item that is in terrible shape when it arrives.

Making sure the toy you’re buying is complete is similar to checking its condition. Therefore, whether it’s a vintage board game, jigsaw puzzle, or baby doll, it’s a good idea to make sure no pieces or components are missing because finding these missing items is frequently difficult or highly expensive.

1950s vintage games and toys

For the majority of us, there was still a very clear gender split in 1950s society, and toys were no exception. Girls aspired to be just like their mothers, therefore our baby dolls were placed in prams and paraded down the street while wearing handmade outfits. Alternately, we may use the Philip Harben cooking set to try our hand at making a fictitious gourmet masterpiece.

Along with cans of food including peas, carrots, Nestlé tinned milk, and Ovaltine, this set included a rolling pin, cookie cutters, mixing bowl, rotary whisk, wooden spoon, scales, and miniature toy packs.

Playtime for boys was dominated by cowboys and spacemen. You could put a six-shooter in your holster and set out on an adventure like the Lone Ranger, or you might dress like Dan Dare and fly into space while carrying a ray gun and a walkie-talkie.

1960s children’s toys

The 1960s were the pinnacle of entertainment and toys. Toys like Twister, Operation, and kitchen sets rose to the top of the list of favourite Christmas presents for kids, and they continue to be so today.

In this time period, Chatty Cathy, Ken Doll, and of course the fabled Barbie dolls all experienced significant growth in popularity.

70s vintage retro toys

Which would you prefer: a Talking K9, a Kojak’s vehicle, or an Evil Knievel stunt bike? In the 1970s, anything relating to our beloved TV shows was at the top of our wish lists for Christmas.

We could reenact episodes of Starsky & Hutch, Doctor Who, The Saint, or ‘Chips’ motorcycle cops. Or recreate scenes from the most recent Star Wars science fiction film.

You may even try your hand at making puppets. You could pretend to be Michael Parkinson and wrestle your dad to the ground with a Rod Hull Emu puppet, or you could host your own Muppet Show with Kermit and Miss Piggy toys.

The top 80s playthings

Whether you were born in the 1980s or merely reached adulthood around that time, you certainly recall some of the most well-known toys that are still iconic 40 years after.

Feeling nostalgic yet? How about the Sony Walkman, Pound Puppy, and Cabbage Patch Kids? With the release of the renowned Pac-Man and the first iterations of the Nintendo Game Boy, to mention a few, electronic toys really became popular in the 1980s.

90s children’s retro toys

We recall wandering around gifts R Us in the days before Christmas in quest of the’must-have’ Christmas gifts of that year, whether it was for our children or the grandchildren. These toys ranged from Polly Pocket to action figures.

We believe that now that they are all adults, they would enjoy receiving a sentimental toy as a present to help them reminisce.

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