WereBear Growler Plush Toy

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WereBear Growler Plush Toy


WereBear Growler Plush Toy – Hornby, 1983, George Nicholas Creation Limited, 36cm tall.

Condition: Unboxed, Good with working Growler!

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The WereBears were a series of teddy bears released in 1983 in the United Kingdom. They were created by George Nicholas, a muralist and managing director with Impact Murals, philanthropist and director of his charity Art For Their Sake, cartoonist, animator, and author, so that boys could have teddy bears without worrying about being bullied. Nicholas gave the handling of distribution of the toys to UK-based toy company Hornby. The bears were designed in a way that their “normal” head functioned as a hood, and by turning the head inside out it would reveal the “were” face.

In total, nine characters were produced for this toy line. They are as follows.


Howler – A blue bear with yellow ‘trousers’.

Grizzler – A yellow bear with a striped shirt.

Fang – A red bear with a baseball cap hat and a single tooth.

Gums – A dark blue bear with a pompom hat and no teeth.

Growler – An orange bear with blue ‘trousers’ and a badge which, when pressed, played a howling noise.


Snapper – A green bear with mismatched eyes and a large number of teeth.

Chomp – A red bear with a pitchfork tail and a large lower jaw.

Munch – A purple bear with a strong brow and flat head.

Grunt – A shaggy black bear with a red stomach.



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