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"Zummi",1985, Missing Jumper, Fisher Price

Gummi Bear Plush Toy


Gummi Bears – “Zummi”,1985, Missing Jumper, Fisher Price

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Adventures of the Gummi Bears takes place within a fantasy world of magic, monsters, and medieval living. 500 years before the events of the first episode, humans lived in peace alongside a race of beings known as Gummi bears – anthropomorphic bears with great skills in magic and technology. However, growing hostility from neighboring humans forced Gummi Bears to flee to safer lands across the sea, leaving small groups to mind their machinery, cities and ancient warrens in their absence. Over the years that followed, humans began to forget their existence, with the few remaining bears opting to become hidden from the sight of humans for their safety, eventually leading humans to believing that Gummi Bears are merely legends and portraying them as characters in children’s fairy tales. For their part, the remaining Gummi Bears declined in population and technical expertise.

The series focuses on the lives of one small caretaker group, consisting of six Gummi Bears – Zummi, the elder of the group; Gruffi, a craftsman and mechanic; Grammi, a cook and mother to the younger members; Tummi, a slightly overweight, relaxed member; Sunni, a young female cub who wishes to enjoy her youth; and Cubbi, a young male cub seeking to become a knight. The group live within one of the Gummi Bear warrens called Gummi Glen, housed within an ancient tree and filled with a network of tunnels, rooms, and access to an ancient transport network known as Quick Tunnels. The group find themselves discovered by a human for a first time in the form of a young page named Cavin, whom they discover unconscious after being chased by ogres. Discovering he possesses an ancient Gummi medallion that can unlock the Great Book – an ancient manuscript containing the Gummi Bears’ various laws and magic, and the chronicles of their good deeds – the group befriend Cavin, and eventually decide to assist anyone who needs help against wicked people even as they themselves strove to rediscover their heritage.

Alongside Cavin, the group also befriend Calla, a young adventurous princess from the page’s home of Dunwyn Castle, and help the pair in protecting their kingdom from attacks by various villains. The most prominent villain the Gummi Bears face is Duke Igthorn, a former knight of Dunwyn who was exiled in disgrace for various misdeeds, who seeks revenge on the kingdom’s ruler, King Gregor, by attacking his castle with an army of ogres. Being among the few humans aware of the Gummi Bears’ actual existence, Igthorn will stop at nothing to exploit the lost civilization’s secrets for his advantage. To help the Gummis in their battles against villains, alongside other matters and problems that arise, the group make use of a special potion called “Gummiberry Juice”, which temporarily grants them the power to bounce and become elusive. Humans may also drink the juice, which temporarily grants them superhuman strength, but only once a day while the Gummis may use their juice as many times as needed.


  • Zummi Gummi – An aged bear who is the Gummi-Glen Gummies’ leader, caretaker of Gummi Bear knowledge and wisdom, and a modest magician. Characterized to be somewhat forgetful with spells, speaking occasionally with mild spoonerisms, and having a fear of heights.
  • Gruffi Gummi – Gummi Glen’s old-fashioned craftsman and mechanic, portrayed with slight rough mannerisms and views, but characterized as the voice of reason and a sound strategist for the group.
  • Grammi Gummi – The matriarch of Gummi-Glen, responsible for cooking for the group, housework in their home, and preparing Gummiberry Juice through the secret recipe passed down to her.
  • Tummi Gummi – An overweight Gummi bear cub, and the eldest of the three in the group. He is characterized as being relaxed, easy-going, and with a love of food, but possessing a number of notable talents when needed.
  • Sunni Gummi – A preteen Gummi bear cub, who exhibits a keen interest in human culture and fashion, rather than in Gummi history.
  • Cubbi Gummi – A young Gummi bear cub, the youngest of the three in Gummi Glen, who dreams of becoming a knight. He is characterized as being adventurous and somewhat impetuous, but with an open-mindedness to finding solutions to problems he faces.
  • Cavin – A young boy, serving as a page and squire in Dunwyn Castle. Cavin is the first human to encounter the Gummi Bears, and befriends them as a result of possessing a Gummi medallion that he leaves with Zummi, becoming friends with Cubbi over time. The character is portrayed in the series as courageous and good-hearted.
  • Princess Calla – A princess of Dunwyn, who is defiantly adventurous, capable of defending herself, despite her dislike of her circumstances and royal duties. She is friends with Cavin, and also becomes friends with Sunni after meeting the Gummi Bears during the first season.
  • King Gregor – The king of Dunwyn, characterized as a benevolent, brave, and good ruler for his people. Like most humans, he believes Gummi Bears are myths, and thus does not know of their actions helping to protect his kingdom. However, he does discover his daughter’s previously hidden fighting prowess towards the end of the series and is deeply impressed by her.
  • Sir Tuxford – The highest ranking knight in King Gregor’s court and his trusted friend, as well as Cavin’s superior. Characterized as being an old, jolly man despite being somewhat past his prime for battle.
  • Duke Sigmund Igthorn – A disgraced knight of Dunwyn, exiled for conspiring against King Gregor, who leads an army of orges to attack the kingdom from his fortress of Castle Drekmore. Characterized as a vengeful, power-crazed tyrant, and the main antagonist of the series. A common element in stories he is involved in is his desire to find a suitable weapon for his plans, as well as capturing Gummi Bears for their Juice.
  • Toadwart – A midget orge, who serves as Igthorn’s illeist lieutenant and second-in-command, often nicknamed Toadie. Characterized as being smarter than other orges, due to his ability to read and write. Affectionately sycophantic to the Duke, if only because associating with the Duke gives him some authority over the Ogres, who otherwise casually abuse him for fun.
  • Augustus “Gusto” Gummi – An artistic Gummi Bear, stranded on a deserted island with his friend Artie Deco, a wise-talking toucan, before taking residence near to Gummi Glen and aiding the other Gummi Bears when needed. Characterized as being an individualist with an outside-the-box problem solving ability.
  • Lady Bane – A human sorceress of considerable power, who maintains her youth magically and desires all of Gummi Bear magic for herself.
  • Sir Thornberry – An aged Gummi Bear knight who acts as the caretaker of the otherwise isolated Gummi Bear city of Ursalia. His manner is eccentric by a probable combination of his extended isolation and senility, but still capable within his mental limits.
  • Ursa – The statuesque female leader of the Barbics, a barbarian tribe of Gummi Bears driven from their native lands by humans and are scornful of orthodox Gummi traditions. She and her tribe take up residence in Ursalia at the Gummi Glen Gummies and Sir Thornberry’s invitation.


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