Teletubbies – Full Set of Plush Toys

Teletubbies – Full Set of Plush Toys


Teletubbies Plushies (Full Set) – Golden Bear Products, 18cm Tall, 1996.

Condition: Unboxed, Good with Tags (Except Po).

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Teletubbies is a British children’s television series created by Anne Wood and Andrew Davenport for the BBC. The programme focuses on four differently coloured characters known as the Teletubbies, named after the television screens on their bellies. Recognised throughout popular culture for the uniquely shaped antenna protruding from the head of each character, the Teletubbies communicate through gibberish and were designed to bear resemblance to toddlers.

Main characters
Tinky Winky is the first Teletubby, as well as the largest and oldest of the group. He is covered in purple terrycloth and has a triangular antenna on his head. He often carries a red bag.
Dipsy is the second Teletubby. He is green and named after his antenna, which resembles a dipstick. Dipsy is the most stubborn of the Teletubbies, and will occasionally refuse to go along with the others’ group opinion. His face is notably darker than the rest of the Teletubbies, and the creators have stated that he is black. He often wears a large hat with a black and white pattern.
Laa-Laa is the third Teletubby. She is yellow and has a curly antenna. Laa-Laa is very sweet, likes to sing and dance, and is often shown looking out for the other Teletubbies. Her favourite toy is an orange rubber ball.
Po is the fourth Teletubby, as well as the shortest and youngest. She is red and has an antenna shaped like a stick used for blowing soap bubbles. Po normally speaks in a soft voice and has been stated by the show’s creators to be Cantonese; she sometimes speaks the language. Her favourite toy is a blue and pink scooter.

Supporting characters
Noo-Noo is a sentient vacuum cleaner who acts as both the Teletubbies’ guardian and housekeeper. He hardly ever ventures outside the Tubbytronic Superdome, instead remaining indoors and constantly cleaning with his sucker-like nose. He communicates through a series of slurping and sucking noises. He occasionally misbehaves and sucks up anything from tubby toast to blankets, which prompts the Teletubbies to call him “Naughty Noo-Noo” and give chase. He was blue in the original series and had orange, pink and yellow stripes in the revival series.
The Voice Trumpets are several devices resembling periscopes that rise from the ground and interact with the Teletubbies, often engaging in games with them and serving as supervisors. They are the only residents of Teletubbyland who speak in complete sentences.
The Sun Baby appears at the beginning and end of each episode. She acts as a wake-up call for the Teletubbies.
The Tubby Phone is a character in the revival series. Tubby Phone has the ability to make “Tubby Phone dance” and Teletubbies dance after they pushed the button on the phone. At one point, it has the ability to make Tubby photos.


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