Haunted House Board Game

Haunted House Board Game


Haunted House Board Game – Min. Number of Players: 2, Material: Cardboard, Game Type: Board Game, Theme: Memory Game, Year: 1980s, Brand: Falcon

Condition: Used, All of the game tiles and the game board are in excellent condition, the box does have some shelf wear as shown but there are no dents or rips.,


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A game for two, three or four players.

OBJECT the player who can correctly play the most window cards wins the game.

PREPARATION each player must sit facing a different side of the game board. The 21 window cards should be placed on the Haunted House, yellow shuttered side up. Without looking at the picture side of the cards, players now place one window card on each window. Next, one player re- moves any ONE window card and puts it (still yellow shuttered side up), out of play, on the side of the game board.

HOW TO PLAY – the first player turns any one window card face up, hoping to match up the picture in the window which has no card. If it is not the same picture, he/she places it, yellow shuttered side up, on the window which had no card. If it IS the same picture, he/she places it on this window, picture side up; and he/she places the card so that the bottom of the picture faces towards his/her side of the game board thus securing the point.

Whether it was the correct picture or an incorrect picture his/her turn then ends. Players continue taking turns in this manner. When only the very last way card needs to be played, the play his/her turn by placing the card on the back side of the game board correctly back on the Haunted House, picture side up and the game ends.

SCORING each player now counts the number of cards which face his/her side of the game board.

The player who counts the most cards wins.



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