Edd the Duck – The Broom Cupboard


Edd the Duck – The Broom Cupboard


Edd the Duck Puppet – The Broom Cupboard, 34cm Long, 1990, Golden Bear Products Ltd

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Edd the Duck is a puppet duck which appeared on the CBBC interstitial programme The Broom Cupboard alongside presenters Andy Crane and Andi Peters.

He made his debut in late 1988, originally with a bald head until Mackay-Robinson added a green woollen mohawk, salvaged from an old Blue Peter ‘Punk Teddy’. An on-going theme with the character was his love for Blue Peter and his longing to become a presenter of that series. His co-star and enemy was Wilson the Butler, a character who was off screen apart from his arms, which were visible to the viewers.

Edd the Duck released a single, “Awesome Dood!”, in 1990. Edd served as the official UK Olympic team mascot at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

Edd the Duck even had his own Fan Club in the 1990s operated by an independent company called Cravencross under the direction of MD Tony Hinchliffe who had been awarded an exclusive license by BBC Enterprise.

Edd the Duck has starred in a number of pantomimes and short films alongside actors including Bill Oddie and Gorden Kaye.[citation needed] Edd made a guest appearance on the CBBC Channel on Easter Monday 2009 alongside Ed Petrie.[citation needed] In 2014 Edd made an appearance on Celebrity Juice The Big Reunion special which also included Andi Peters in the Broom Cupboard.[citation needed]

In 2015, Edd along with Andi Peters appeared on Hacker’s Birthday Bash to mark 30 years of CBBC.

Edd was later seen on November 7, 2021 during Children in Need’s ‘Puppet Aid’, where he sang with Zippy and George and was assaulted by Wilson the Butler.[5]


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