Civil War II #1 – The Fallen


Civil War II #1 – The Fallen


Civil War II The Fallen – Marvel

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Civil War II” is a 2016 comic book crossover storyline published by Marvel Comics. Debuting in June of that year, it is the sequel to 2006’s “Civil War” and consists of a nine-issue eponymous core limited series, by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artists David Marquez and Justin Ponsor, and a number of tie-in books. Functioning as an allegory about the nature of determinism versus free will, the story sees opposing factions of superheroes led by Captain Marvel and Iron Man come into conflict when a new Inhuman named Ulysses emerges with the ability to predict the future. The debut of the series was scheduled to capitalize on the release of the 2016 Marvel Studios film Captain America: Civil War.

The storyline was preluded by a series of comic books collectively titled “The Road to Civil War II”. “Civil War II” also ties into several new limited series including: Civil War II: Amazing Spider-ManCivil War II: Choosing SidesCivil War II: Gods of WarCivil War II: KingpinCivil War II: Ulysses, and Civil War II: X-Men, the one-shots: Civil War II: The Accused and Civil War II: The Fallen, and numerous ongoing series. The storyline was succeeded by the one-shot Civil War II: The Oath.



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