Basil Brush Plush Toy

Basil Brush Plush Toy


Basil Brush Plush Toy – A Wendy Boston Playsafe Toy, Pre 1968, 40cm Tall.

Condition: Unboxed, Good. Please refer to photos as these form part of the description.

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Basil Brush is a fictional fox, best known for his appearances on daytime British children’s television. He is primarily portrayed by a glove puppet, but has also been depicted in animated cartoon shorts and comic strips. The character has featured on children’s television from the 1960s to the present day. He has also appeared in pantomimes across the UK.

A mischievous character and a raconteur, Basil Brush is best known for his catchphrase “Ha Ha Ha! Boom! Boom!”, used after something he finds funny, and also for speaking in a “posh” accent and manner, referring to himself as a “fella”. The character claims to dislike puppets, and says his most prized possession is his brush, this being the traditional name for a fox’s tail. The character of Basil Brush publicly supports Leicester City Football Club, which he refers to as “the foxes”.


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